Truth Thursday 05: What’s In Your Hand?

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

(Theodore Roosevelt)

“If only I had…”
“If I had enough money, I would…”
“Maybe when I have…”

These are some thoughts that we all have when we get confronted by a need or a want, or by something that we want to do. There are so many things that we want, need, to do and change out there in the world, but we keep on putting it off because we think we are not equipped or supplied enough for it. But I believe we can make something of what we have.

So, with this, we ask:

What’s In Your Hand? 


Again, to review, read the mechanics of Truth Thursdays and what we’re all about. We’d like to remind you guys that we need you to post your link down here at the comments section to be included in the weekly roundup. For FAQs check them out here.

Don’t be shy or even apologize if your Truth Thursday is late. You can even go back to the first one if you missed that and it’ll still be valid. Let’s make any day a Truth Thursday!

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18 thoughts on “Truth Thursday 05: What’s In Your Hand?

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